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This document will explain how to purchase a license for your ScreenConnect Cloud instance, and it will demonstrate how to purchase a new license for the ScreenConnect on-premise solution.

Purchasing a ScreenConnect Cloud license

With ScreenConnect Cloud, a different license can be applied to each ScreenConnect Cloud instance to fit your organization's needs; if one department needs to use 100 access agents while the other only needs 25, you will be able to purchase two different licenses for your two instances. For more information on pricing and plans, see our pricing page.

To purchase and edit your ScreenConnect Cloud licenses, log into your Cloud Management Portal at https://cloud.screenconnect.com. From the Actions menu on your desired instance, select "Change Instance License." You will then be able to select your plan.

Select a Cloud package from this interface. For more specifics on each package, please see our feature comparison page.

Once you have selected a plan, you will arrive at the Quantity and Payment screen. From here, you can select the number of licenses you'd like, as well as set your billing cycle to monthly, annually, or tri-annually.

The Quality and Payment screen allows you to specify the number of licenses you would like with your Cloud package. You can return to the Cloud package select screen by selecting the "change" link underneath the License heading on this screen.

When you purchase a plan, you will be charged using the payment information provided in the Billing tab. If no payment information has been provided, select the "Enter Credit Card Info" button to enter it. Please be sure to enter your payment information correctly and hit "Save."

Exclamation.png Warning: Incorrect payment information would result in your instance being disabled or potentially terminated if not corrected.

Pop-up prompt in which you can edit and add payment information.

After entering your payment information, select "Confirm and Apply" on the Quantity & Payment screen. Your order will be processed. and you will see your transaction on the Billing tab under "Activity."

Purchasing a ScreenConnect On-Premise license

Each ScreenConnect On-Premise license includes 365 days of software updates (all releases) and support. After the initial year, ScreenConnect can continue to be used with the existing license and software version for as long as the user chooses. Customers who would like to continue receiving our software updates and support can do so by upgrading their license. Upgrades provide an additional 365 days of software updates and support.

We offer several purchasing options. Regardless of the path taken a unique order number will be created and can be used to retrieve an invoice/quote, complete payment, obtain a receipt, or add additional information such as VAT or PO number. If you have questions, please contact us for assistance.

Purchasing a license online

Customers can navigate to the Purchase tabon our website, select the type of license and quantity, enter contact information, and then choose the "Create order and checkout" button. Users will then be prompted to credit card information. The license will be displayed on screen and emailed out along with receipt.

The information provided in the Billing Information area will be utilized for the credit card processing and PDF receipt.



  1. Choose the license type and quantity
  2. Enter existing license key and applicable coupon codes
  3. Enter billing address
  4. Choose the "Create order and checkout with credit or debit card" button
  5. Enter credit card details

Purchasing a license using a purchase order

Select the type of license and quantity and company billing information. Choose the "Create order and pay by purchase order" to create an invoice or quote that can be used for internal purchase order (PO) generation. Creating an invoice or quote is not a commitment to purchase but simply provides the necessary documentation to proceed down that path. Once the ScreenConnect order is created a link to the online View Order page will be emailed out.

After a PO is generated the PO number can be updated on the View Order page and applied to all associated documents including the invoice. This invoice can then be returned to the accounts receivable team to complete payment. We are happy to assist with this process but it can be done online bypassing the standard exchange of emails and time delays.


Invoice and quotes

To create an online quote or invoice, choose the license type and quantity. Then enter your billing information and select the "Create order and pay by purchase order". User will then be directed to an online View Order page complete with quote and pre-filled invoice and receipt. From the online order page users can:

  • Enter additional information such as VAT and/or PO Number
  • Download quotes, invoices, or receipts related to your Order Number

ScreenConnect Order page, where you can create a ScreenConnect order


  1. Quotes, invoices, and receipts are available from the View Order page.
  2. Receipts will show a balance until payment is received.
  3. These items will be distributed via email at the appropriate stages such as when the order is created or payment received.
  4. A link to access your order information is distributed via email in case you need to update custom fields or retrieve a quote, invoice, or receipt.
  5. If paying by wire transfer or check please include the appropriate Order Number with your payment.
  6. Customers who are paying by wire transfer, please contact us for the bank information.
  7. Creating an online order is not a commitment to purchase, this functionality is purely to simplify the quoting/invoice/receipt process.

Our policy is to extend trial licenses throughout the purchasing process. If this would be helpful for you please let our sales team know.

Receiving your licenses

Purchased online

Licenses are displayed and emailed out automatically once the payment has been submitted and verified, turnaround is immediate.

If the payment was processed and you never received the license make sure that you check your junk folder or SPAM filter. Or you can contact us for assistance.

Purchased through PO process

Licenses purchased via check or wire transfer will be sent by a member of our sales team after the payment has arrived and been deposited. Please make sure you provide your order number with payment for faster processing.

Note.png Note: The information of who sent the wire transfer typically take 5-7 business days before visible to our accounts receivable team. Expect that much time before the production license will be emailed out.

Adding licenses to your existing installation

As of version 4.0, we provide a link on our Administration/License tab to add and upgrade licenses on your existing installation. See our page Adding licenses to your existing installation for step-by-step instructions for adding new licenses to your setup.



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